Desolate Isolation LP+Bonus CD BUNDLE

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Desolate Isolation LP+Bonus CD BUNDLE

Bundle will include limited patch, T shirt/Long sleeve, LP+Bonus Flesh Cd and Green logo Pin.

Single LP (European Import) + Bonus Flesh CD.

​1.Desolate Isolation (Demo Remaster 2020)
2.​Traumatic Existence (Demo Remaster 2020)
3.​Sub-Zero Termination (Demo Remaster 2020)
4.​Chronic Infection (Demo Remaster 2020)
5.​Evocation (Bonus track – Asphyx Cover Version)
6.​Viral Hemorrhagic Pyrexia (Live in Tokyo 2016)
7.​Homicidal Pulchritude (Live in Tokyo 2016)
8.​Sub-Zero Termination (Live in Tokyo 2016)
9.​Antropophagy (Live in Tokyo 2016)
10.​Crippled Sanity (Bonus track)
11.​Planetary Genocide (Bonus Track)

Bonus Disc
1.​Beyond Magma (Bonus track – Guitar Solos)
2.​Condemned Magma (Bonus track – Guitar Solos)
3.​Devouring Magma (Bonus track – Guitar Solos)
4.​Entombment Magma (Bonus track – Guitar Solos)

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