• Image of Beyond The Flesh Cassette Tape

Beside the release of the new album "Condemned To Misery" we´ll publish the cult debut "Beyond The Flesh", including 8 tracks + GORGUTS cover, for the first time as a Tape Version. SKELETAL REMAINS were formed in California in 2011 from the ashes of ANTHROPOPHAGY. In fact SKELETAL REMAINS "Beyond The Flesh" is so well-crafted that when placed back to back to an album like "Scream Bloody Gore" or "Consuming Impulse" the differences are almost undiscernable, making this potentially a death metal classic. The 4 latinos from california are still damn good at what they do, though & anybody who enjoys acts like OBITUARY, DEATH, MORBID ANGEL or PESTILENCE can't go wrong with this one. The limited edition of 300 handnumbered pieces will be out on the 9th of September 2015. Be ready to get your copy!

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